Crew Information
This year, fall plays are virtual and we are hoping to be able to put on in person shows for the spring.  So what does that mean for crew?  Crew this year is more about design and learning programs than hands on painting and building.  Crew members will be designing and creating sets and virtual backdrops, producing and editing videos, designing and running sound, creating and managing props, designing and managing costumes, running tech and working with props during shows, as well as working on stage in small groups.  The one acts need playwrights, directors and videographers, and every show still needs a stage manager, house manager, and ASMs.  Just because a show isn't in-person doesn't mean it doesn't have a TON of people behind the scenes!

First semester crew interviews will be virtual with the hopes that crew interviews 2nd semester can be in person.  Please note, this is highly subject to change.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility.
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                                         Grade 4-5 Fall Plays
For:  Grades 4-12
Friday September 4
Fill out the Grade 4-5 Play Crew Form by August 30.  You will be emailed a time slot on August 30.  Please read the participation guidelines here.

                                Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
The Internet is Distract...Oh Look a Kitten!
MS Fall Plays
For: Grades 6-12
Thursday September 10
Fill out the MS Play Crew Form by September 6.  You will be emailed a time slot on September 6.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.

  Game of Tiaras and She Kills Monsters
HS Fall Plays
For: Grades 6-12
September 17
Fill out the HS Play Crew Form by September 12.  You will be emailed a time slot on August 30.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.

The Addams Family
Middle School Winter Musical
For: Grades 6-12
November 4
Fill out the MS Musical Crew Form by November 2.  You will be emailed a time slot on November 3.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.

The Audition
High School Scene Festival
For: Grades 9-12
January 11
Click this link for more information about this show.
There is an informational meeting on Zoom on October 12 at 7:30PM.   Please email and sign up for the This Week in Theatre Newsletter to get the link.  Fill out this form by Nov 29 to join crew.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.

                            Something Rotten
High School Spring Musical
For:  Grades 6-12
January 19
Fill out the High School Musical Crew Form by January 17.  You will be emailed a Zoom time slot after Jan 17.  While these crew interviews are on Zoom, crew will be held in-person and will be building on stage.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.
You must fill out the Bexley City Schools COVID Activity Waiver here.

Failed Super Bowl Commercials
Middle School Scene Festival
For:  Grades 6-8
February 8
This show will require many crew members running tech during filming, doing the actual filming, and editing video.
Fill out this form by Feb 7.  
Please read the participation guidelines here.

How I Became a Pirate
Grade 4-5 Spring Musical
For: Grades 4-12
March 9
Cassingham Theater
Fill out the Grade 4-5 Musical Crew Form by March 7  
You must fill out the Bexley City Schools COVID Activity Waiver here.
Please read the participation guidelines.

Improv Shows and Bexley Variety Hour
If you want to run tech for Improv Shows and/or Bexley Variety Hour please contact Rhinehart at  Running tech for these ongoing shows is a great way to gain real experience and earn a ton of Thespian and Jr Thespian points.

Crew Leadership Positions
Bexley Theatre Arts offers amazing leadership opportunities to students who want to be Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Venue Techs, Camp Staffers, and more.
Please fill out the Bexley Theatre Arts Leadership survey by August 30 to apply for one of these positions.  Please note, this is instead of our usual Leadership meeting.

Crew Questions and Answers

Q.  What is Crew?
A.  Crew is the term that describes the group of people/students who work on the technical side of theatre.  The crew builds the sets, organizes the props, organizes the costumes, moves sets during the show, helps with lights and sound, and manages the stage action.  Being on crew is an incredibly educational experience, as members are taught to use power tools and often given lots of leadership experience.  They are also allowed to be very artistic in design and painting, and learn great organizational techniques.

Q.  What are crew interviews?
A.  Crew interviews are simply the process through which Bexley "auditions" its crew.  If you show up, you won't necessary earn a place on crew.  We will place you based on experience, talent, responsibility, and work ethic.   Because crew uses power tools, we cannot have too many students on crew.  It simply isn't safe.  However, we do strive to utilize as many students as possible.

At crew interviews, each student will fill out a form stating what experience he/she has with power tools and leadership, as well as what area he/she would like to go into (management, set, costumes, light, sound, props).  He or she then talks to the director and tech director, is placed into the area he/she fits, and given a crew schedule.

Crew interview packets should be filled out and brought to crew interviews.  Students who do not turn in a completed crew interview form, contact sheet, and contract will not be considered for crew.  These forms are all found in the crew packet.

Q.  Who leads/teaches the crew and makes the schedules?
A.  The theatre department hires tech directors for every major show.  These tech directors are responsible for designing the set, buying materials, leading the builds, assigning run crew positions, managing the crew during the show, and running strike.  These are always respected individuals who are skilled in both technical theatre and management/leadership.  They are responsible for creating the crew schedule.

Q.  How can I/my student join crew?
A.  Attend crew interviews and turn in an interview packet.  For more information, you can go to any Thespian or Jr. Thespian meeting, or talk to Ms. Rhinehart or any of the Tech Directors or Assistant Tech Directors.

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